The Peninsula

The Fiction and Poetry Archive of Liana Mir and scribblemyname



He has to become stronger. He doesn’t mind when they hit him and kick him and he goes down under each family’s special brand of martial arts. He doesn’t mind taking the hit of shinsu nearly killing him with some new technique he’s never experienced before.

If this is what it takes…

He was born into the world losing people. He remembers nothing of family or parents. He remembers Rachel fleeing for the Tower, then shoving him out of the bubble. He’s told his friends will die if he doesn’t cooperate with FUG.

He has to become stronger.

He gets up, spits blood, asks them with body to strike him again. Asks them with words if he must. Everyone is always shocked when he deals back the blow or technique he learned through the pain.

Hit me. Strike me. Kick me. Teach me. One new dojo after another.

He has to become stronger.


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