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a kind of lightning (poem)


For K and B

there’s a kind of lightning in the tongue
fired up when hea’en and earth were young
a light that shines but only in a heart
a passion that can pierce the fiercest dark

there’s a kind of love that beats anew
with every pain and trial we’ve been through
a desperate loyalty that knows no cure
and never wants but for it to endure

there’s an open question in your eyes
a broken invitation we realize
burnt into the pattern of our lives
we clasp our hands together in the light

there’s a bond that’s older than the earth
a blood far deeper than the blood of birth
a covenant between your heart and mine
there is no line between us and that’s fine

there is an end of battle on the field
an enemy we promised to make yield
a victory that’s sweeter for the sharing
we never learned a song where we weren’t caring

for there’s a friend that’s closer than a brother
and family that’s dearer than our mother
and that which can’t be broken in our lives
nor in worlds beyond still in our eyes


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