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Where, O Where Could He Be?


Rhezerë is not pleased. There’s a niggling sensation, warm through his entire mind, of someone who’s supposed to be there, and nobody told him a new sync would feel like this.

But Cor has wandered off, who knows where, and isn’t really answering when Rhezerë hisses, Bhäzäf, through the sync, looking for him.

The station master merely looks amused. “How are you doing, Rhezerë?” she asks.

He stares back at her with a blank expression and says, “Acceptable.”

Because this is the three week checkup after hooking up a human mind to a spaceship body and then creating a permanent mental interface between two people. To put it mildly, it’s quite possible for things to go wrong. Things other than an absent partner.

He knows he’s kept the expression off his face, but she suddenly smiles and says, “I’m sure that Cor is fine.”

Rhezerë isn’t worried—he isn’t—but since it’s Cor’s older sister telling him so, he decides he’ll believe her. For now.


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