The Peninsula

The Fiction and Poetry Archive of Liana Mir and scribblemyname

Never Let Go


For a moment, just one long perfect moment, Khun’s arms are around him and Bam still feels like he’s vibrating out of his skin, but he also feels like everything will somehow be okay, because he still has this.

(If Khun is a minnow, then so is Bam, darting about and too small in power still to ensure his friends’ complete safety—to never have to say goodbye. If Bam is a shark, then so is Khun, a dangerous, ruthless predator wise to the scent of blood.)

But when all’s said and done, they are together, Bam held tightly in the arms of the one person who knows him, understands him.

I won’t say goodbye again, Bam thinks. One day, he won’t ever have to live without this again.


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