The Peninsula

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End of the World


The last time Dazai kisses Chuuya is at the end of the world, Corruption unleashed in all its power, Chuuya’s head thrown back in laughter. Red light paints Yokohama with destructive glow.

It’s beautiful, terrifying, perfect—a double suicide neither of them had planned but neither regret.

Because destruction can save, and they’re stopping the end of the world. This is for everyone else, one last sacrifice.

The last moments are theirs, Dazai tasting the blood of Corruption in his mouth as he holds Chuuya and sees the light in his eyes one last time before everything crumbles to dust.

Last Kiss


It wasn’t supposed to be his last kiss, the first time he reached out and took Tatara’s face in his hand, studying the way it made his eyes widen slightly and his mouth fall open, and the first time he’d ever kissed the only person that ever made him feel like everything was somehow worth it.

It wasn’t supposed to be Mikoto’s last kiss.

He opened his eyes from memory and breathed out smoke from his cigarette, something hard and angry burning in his gut.

This power is to protect.

Whoever killed Tatara was still out there. Not for long.