The Peninsula

The Fiction and Poetry Archive of Liana Mir and scribblemyname

Lying in Wait


Ahure just about vibrates out of her skin around Isot. It doesn’t make sense. He’s quiet and still in a lying-in-wait kind of way, eyes always tracking with everyone around him, never striking out unless it’s in combat training.

She understands because she lies in wait as well, but she’s anger coiled on a leash, ready to lash out at the slightest provocation, tense as a spring. Isot’s not like that, and she doesn’t know why she drifts toward him always but can’t stop her jitters.

He laughs quietly, and her whole body tenses with the rare sound.

It’s beautiful.

Same Difference


When your husband tells you that you’re using your bedroom voice to talk to a coworker, it might be time to assess exactly how hung up on that coworker you’ve become.

Kalinda doesn’t like thinking about her own feelings though. She’ll stay in Chicago for Alicia, protect Alicia, threaten to sell her husband out to the cops for Alicia, but that’s no reason to stop sleeping around or start deciding exactly how much she might have fallen in love.

“Hey, Kalinda,” Alicia calls, finger raised. “Can you find out about the client’s family?”

The family they supposedly don’t have.