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The Usual Suspect


Dazai always looked like he’d just done something wrong. (more…)

Accidental Confessions


“Why did I ever fall in love with you?” Misaki demanded in sheer exasperation, right in the middle of their third angry, almost shouting match in a week.

Saruhiko paused, frozen before he could trip out his next retort to the predicted insult. Misaki was usually exactly that, predictable, and should be pointing out right about now that Saruhiko had no actual high ground when it came to putting things away where the other thought they belonged.

Instead, he’d gone and said that.

“Really,” Saruhiko finally said with a small huff under his breath and a smile he couldn’t help.

This Was My First Love


A/N: Thank you so much to geckoholic for the beta read and helping me when I fretted over consent issues. Also, title from the song “Last to Know” by Three Days Grace.

The adrenaline rush of fighting Misaki was always the same, pleasure and violence dancing up Saruhiko’s spine as he threw knives and aura at his former friend and partner. But for once, Misaki clearly wasn’t all the way into it, distracted, reflexes slightly slower, barely keeping up with Saruhiko’s insults and jibes.

Misaki failed to fend off the last few knives, and Saruhiko managed to pin him down, away from the rest of Homura, and close as he was now, he suddenly knew exactly what was off, the scent overwhelming.

“You’re in heat,” he said, frowning, barely containing his surprise.


A Fishy Proposition


“So what kind of fish are you?” Dazai asked skeptically.

Chuuya shot him a rude glare and a ruder gesture. “I’m not a fucking fish, mackerel.”

Dazai’s eyes widened. “Could you? Fuck me, that is?”

The look on Chuuya’s face was priceless, clearly torn between killing Dazai on the spot and his stated desire to never give Dazai what he wanted. “No,” he finally settled for saying.

But his face was a little red. Was he angry or— “Did I make you blush?” Dazai asked leaning in.

Chuuya pulled him into the water with a splash. “I’m not fucking you.”