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We Wake (poem)


We dream of things. We all do, sometimes. We all wake up from worlds without end, often without remembering what made them so wonderful.

There’s something in my hand—like a stone, a jewel glinting in the darkness, or a ball of yarn unwinding down the path toward treasure…


dream of you (poem)


For F and Y

I dream of you when I shall sleep
and in my heart, all memories keep
of every day you loved me too
I will not stop from loving you

upon us (poem)


new days come upon us and find us waiting
hope springs anew within our beating hearts
that today, the daylight finds us saving
all our dreams, and promises come through

wake (poem)


wake me now, open my eyes—
my heart and mind feel locked inside,
and somewhere where my dreams are kept
is also where my light has slept
so wake me up, just as the sun
right before the day’s begun

my dreams (poem)


morning wakes my dreams again
can’t I take the world by storm?
I ache to be more, fluttering hard
against this silk cocoon

(haiku for morning)


morning breaks the night
in fractured pieces—mirrored
dreams give way to light



Kyouka dreams sometimes of her mother, her old life, the before that might have been. She dreams sometimes of the future, of Atsushi and the Armed Detective Agency, of eating tofu on bright summer days.

A knife is in her hand. You have to kill in order to save them.

She stares at the blade and whispers to herself, “No.” Those days are behind her. Demon Snow is behind her, sword out, eyes blank and promising.

“No,” Kyouka says and throws herself into battle to fight the enemy and save whoever her dream has concocted.

She wakes with bloodless hands.