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Unfinished Business


Bam was dead.

“Were you eaten by a fish?” It was an inane question. It didn’t matter.

He answered though. “The bull.” (more…)

First Time’s the Charm


Their first time was horrible, Saruhiko could admit to himself in hindsight. (more…)

Can You Feel the Heat?


A/N: Thank you to the wonderful people who cheered me on and brainstormed and helped make this story a reality, geckoholic and mornelithefalconsbane. Massive amounts of support, kink consultation, and straight up bribery made this happen. Thank you both!

People in heat were picky, even pickier than when they weren’t, which always seemed ridiculous to Kusanagi because that’s when you generally needed to be significantly less picky if you were going to get any relief.

And that was the trouble right now. First heats weren’t quite like later ones, when you’d gotten used to the whole thing and could probably ride one out without a partner or take suppressants without destroying any kind of regular cycle you happened to have. First heats were when you were pickiest because nothing felt quite right and you hadn’t learned yet that it wasn’t always your partner, and when a heat could turn lethal if you didn’t get relief and weren’t in the kind of familiar surroundings and scents and people that meant you didn’t panic in blind instinct.

In short, the last thing Kusanagi knew how to actually deal with was Yata Misaki curled up in a feverish ball at the bottom of the stairs. (more…)

Cherry Boy


Saruhiko would probably never get tired of Misaki turning red and flustered (more…)



Losing his virginity was a big deal, not because of the act itself but because who he was doing it with.

Saruhiko’s mouth was hot against his ear, his fingers warm on Yata’s cock, and it was a shock through his system but so, so good and worth every embarrassing shudder and moan that came out of his mouth.

Saruhiko’s eyes were bright and intense. Yata wanted to take his glasses off to see them better. He only managed to slide his hand over Saruhiko’s jaw and watch him shudder at the contact.

Yata grinned fiercely. They were both virgins.

A Series of Firsts


Zuko was the first boy to dump her in a lake. He was trying to be helpful, and she knew that. He was trying to put out the flaming apple on her head, and she knew that too. But for a firebender, he sure picked the most embarrassing, awkward, inefficient way to do it.


Armed and Dangerous


“Um…” Atsushi was already feeling awkward and wondered if he should really bring this up on top of everything else when something like sex was finally happening at all.

But he’d broached it now, and Akutagawa had pulled away with a scowl as he panted harshly. “What?”