The Peninsula

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A Small, Unwanted Intruder


“You’re too loud,” Accelerator grumbled at the unwanted intruder in his bed.

“‘Don’t be so mean!’ says Misaka Misaka, glaring at you.” Last Order was indeed glaring, but she only managed to look pouty and not at all intimidating from where she’d sprawled against his side over the blanket, her frog strangled in her arms.

“You should be in your own bed.” He didn’t bother to prod her away.

She burrowed in closer. “‘It’s nicer here,’ says Misaka Misaka, stifling a yawn.” It didn’t stay stifled.

Accelerator watched her yawn, head dropping, eyes closing… and sighed.

Last Order was asleep.

Early to Bed


“Dammit, Dazai, you are nothing but skin and bones!” Chuuya complained as he shoved his extremely bony elbow into Dazai’s side to shove him over some.

“Chuuya!” Dazai ignored the hypocritically bony elbow in his gut and wrapped his arms around his short, hot-tempered partner. If he was getting shoved to the floor, he was taking Chuuya with him.

It was a brief struggle, which Chuuya normally might have won, but somehow he ended up flushed red and under Dazai.

“Stop hugging me, you bandaged octopus bastard!” Chuuya muttered.

“I think I’ll sleep here,” Dazai disagreed to Chuuya’s futile sputtering.

Empty Sheets


Rhezere complains every single time Bhazaf takes major damage that he doesn’t act like a normal integrate and sleep in the cradle, where he can heal properly and the ship can finally shut down his extensive sensors.

It minimizes pain. It’s smart. Bhazaf never does it.

For once he has.

Rhezere remembers all the usual complaints—at having to share his bed, having to throw an arm across Bhazaf’s chest to remind him he has a human body and it’s not in critical condition.

Right now, the bed is achingly empty.

He sighs and goes to sleep by the cradle.