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Yata wasn’t normally the fastest in picking up on conversation around him in the bar, but today he seemed particularly out of it.

“Are you all right?” Kamamoto asked.

He only got a mumbled reply, barely intelligible with Yata’s mouth buried in his arms on the counter.

“What’s wrong, Yata?” Kusanagi asked.

Yata looked up, blushed bright red. “What do you do when someone kisses you?”

The bar went quiet.

He blushed harder, buried his entire face.

“It depends,” Kusanagi answered. “Either you say you’re not interested or you kiss them back.”

“He’s interested.”

“It’s gotta be Fushimi.”

“Shut up!”

Soft Spot


Mikoto was like the kind of big cat that let kids crawl all over him. Particular kids. Just two really.

Anna could snuggle up right next to him and even tuck her hand into his without even a grunt of protest. Totsuka could make Mikoto his own personal blanket if he wanted and Mikoto wouldn’t do more than sigh.

He never failed to complain whenever Kusanagi encroached on nap space in an attempt to sit down, but then again, Mikoto may have been audibly put upon but he let Kusanagi sit down anyway.

“Softie,” Kusanagi teased.

Mikoto’s grumpy glare notwithstanding.

The First Time Through


“I’m not going to talk like a fucking girl!” Chuuya practically growled at his annoying partner.

“Bet you will!” Dazai singsonged back. “If I win this game, you talk like a little rich girl and ask nicely for what we need.”

“And if I win,” Chuuya countered, “I grind your into the pavement and then you torture it out of them.”

“But Chuuya! I’d need my face for that.”

“Fine, you torture it out of them, then I grind your face into the pavement.”

The two eyed each other.

“Deal.” Dazai grinned.

Chuuya checked his game console for foul play.

No, Without Appeal



“But Chuuya! You haven’t even heard what—”



Dazai’s whine only got more indignant the more Chuuya refused to even listen to whatever his request was, complete with putting on his headphones and blasting rock music loud enough that he could practically see Dazai planning on teasing him for impending deafness later.

But Dazai was too terrifyingly chipper, and Dazai always had ulterior motives, and Chuuya was not in the mood.

Dazai lifted the headphones from Chuuya’s head and held them out of reach, one hand on Chuuya to stop his Ability. “I need you, Chuuya!”


Looking Good


“Are you even listening?” Chuuya demanded.

Dazai blinked. “I can’t hear you from all the way down there, you’re so short!”

He said it by rote, spewing the first common refrain between them he could say on autopilot, and it had the desired effect of distracting Chuuya from where Dazai’s attention had really been.

Chuuya fumed and sputtered. Dazai went back to staring at the new choker that had shown up on his partner’s neck.

“Your necklace makes you look like a girl.” Dazai poked it.

Chuuya growled and swore.

Dazai smiled, knowing Chuuya would wear it forever from spite.

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