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Armed and Dangerous


“Um…” Atsushi was already feeling awkward and wondered if he should really bring this up on top of everything else when something like sex was finally happening at all.

But he’d broached it now, and Akutagawa had pulled away with a scowl as he panted harshly. “What?”

Atsushi squirmed a little in Akutagawa’s immobilizing grip, and that made his vision blur and his own breath come a little faster. What? Right. He blushed. “Aren’t you going to take any clothes off?” he managed to get out, trying not to squirm again.

Atsushi was half naked, shirt unbuttoned and shoved back from his shoulders and front, pants half pulled down, shoes and socks discarded somewhere in the room, his whole body spread out under Akutagawa on the bed, while Akutagawa was… decidedly less naked. In fact, he was still completely clothed.

“I dislike going unarmed,” Akutagawa replied simply, his frown a slash across his face. He worked his hand over Atsushi’s cock again, as if he’d never been interrupted, and Atsushi gasped, barely able to think over the haze in his brain.

It really wasn’t fair.

“I want to see you,” he panted between breaths.

The way Akutagawa tightened his grip had to have been on purpose, hard enough to make Atsushi wince, as a clear sign of his displeasure.

Atsushi whined low in his throat, groaning when Akutagawa leaned more of his weight into the touch, hips rising to meet him.

Then there was nothing. Akutagawa completely let him go and Atsushi was lying there, blinking up at the ceiling, wondering what just happened. He tried to sit up but Akutagawa didn’t let him, Rashoumon stretching out to coil around Atsushi’s wrists and hold him in place.

Atsushi strained to see Akutagawa. He was by the bed, pulling his pants down enough so Atsushi could glimpse his erection before he climbed back atop Atsushi and released his hold on Atsushi’s wrists.

Atsushi couldn’t resist the urge to at least feel, to wrap his hand around Akutagawa’s length, and watch the way Akutagawa’s reaction shuddered through his body. He hesitantly reached up with his other hand to touch the tips of Akutagawa’s hair. Akutagawa stared at him intensely, but didn’t protest. Emboldened, Atsushi ran his hand through the softness, traced the feeling of Akutagawa’s face with his thumb, and tried to match the rhythm of Akutagawa’s hand with his other.

His cheeks were wet. Was he crying? Akutagawa’s breath hitched and he was moving faster over Atsushi, rutting under Atsushi’s touch. Everything was too intense and sweet, and Atsushi squirmed again, unable to stop, unable to keep his hips from moving, his mouth from falling open as he groaned and then he couldn’t see anything but the stars in his head or feel anything but Akutagawa and this rising tide of pleasure overwhelming him as he came, spilling all over Akutagawa’s hand.

Akutagawa shuddered, equally spent.

He withdrew his fingers, grimacing, but somehow it didn’t seem directed at Atsushi. Atsushi was content to lie still, watching Akutagawa sit up on the edge of the bed, breathing hard, cock still hanging out of his pants, soft again.

“Maybe next time?” Atsushi broached tentatively.

Akutagawa grimaced again but, “Maybe, Jinko.”

Atsushi grinned.


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