The Peninsula

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Contagious Smile


“You want me to do the song with you?” Atsushi demanded, eyes wide.

“Of course!” Kenji shot him a radiant smile. “You’re perfect for it!”

Atsushi doubted it many times over the following days of practice before New Year’s, learning not only the drums but how to match Kenji’s tone and rhythm without tripping over his own feet and while adjusting to their outfits for the performance.

“That’s the tone we want! Let’s celebrate!” Kenji’s smile was as contagious as ever.

When finally the night came and they beat the drums in time together, Atsushi finally smiled, having caught it.



Kyouka’s eyes were shining beside Atsushi as they stared at all the good things offered in the stall at the festival—crepes, chazuke, warm buns with different spices and fillings. Colorful lights had been strung over stalls and the stars twinkled down on festive music and chattering crowds. It was all in all a delight.

Atsushi grimaced at his poor purse. An expensive delight.

But as Kyouka gasped softly, biting down on soft crepe and sweet warm fillings, the stars in her eyes as bright as the ones in the sky, he thought to himself that it was worth it.

Petting the Tiger


Atsushi was ninety percent certain there was some ulterior motive in Dazai assigning him to stake out the office of a certain official to record his comings and goings with Akutagawa of all people. Not that Dazai was the kind of person to explain his motives, nor was it Akutagawa’s to explain what interest the Mafia had in this information that Fukuzawa could possibly go along with.


My Eyes Shall See Another Day


Izumi Kyouka was prepared to die. She’d stood before the weretiger, willing to die to fight her and save everyone else, willing to save even her from the bomb she wore. He couldn’t save her and she’d sentenced herself to death.

He saved her. She had killed so many, blood on Demon Snow’s sword, and she deserved to be punished, to be executed, so she walked herself to justice before he saved her again.

He didn’t understand, but Dazai did when he finally told her she could redeem herself.

She’d chosen execution. Sacrifice was no more fearful.

Kyouka saved them.

Beneath the Moonlight


There was soft singing coming out of Kyouka and Atsushi’s dorm room. It was late at night and both of them should have been asleep but while Atsushi was, in at least a manner of speaking, Kyouka had wakened with the tiger.

The tiger was sprawled across the bedding comfortably in the shape of a crescent moon, tail twitching back and forth in contentment as it purred under Kyouka’s gentle hand rubbing along its flank. She sang quietly as it stared at her with great lantern eyes, bright in the darkness.

It was not the tiger only who was content.

Armed and Dangerous


“Um…” Atsushi was already feeling awkward and wondered if he should really bring this up on top of everything else when something like sex was finally happening at all.

But he’d broached it now, and Akutagawa had pulled away with a scowl as he panted harshly. “What?”